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Marshmallow Chicks, Colored Eggs and the Easter Bunny

We may never understand the origin, meaning and accompanying traditions of some holidays but in the end, only one thing really matters: we get time off.

So, we’re sure not going to waste any time trying to figure out the whys and wherefores – we’re just enjoying the fact that our NŒRD tarp headquarters will remain closed over Easter from April 18 to 21. We will be happy to once again answer your emails, ship your orders of unique tarp specimens, and like your nice comments on our Facebook pages starting on April 22.



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F60 Joan - Greetings from somewhere downtown

F60 JOAN, the latest member of our FUNDAMENTALS series, is on promo tour Only we didn’t just shoot in the Big Apple, we also filmed in Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Tokyo, Paris and Amsterdam. Of course she does not waste her time in the suburbs. For fun, she goes downtown. Who she hangs out on and who is her «plus one» on the concrete carpets of this world’s megacities is something you’ll see on her video postcard.

Movie: &Söhne 
Song: Never Stop, performed by The Bad Plus, composed by Reid Anderson


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