Back in 1993, graphic designer brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag were on the lookout for a messenger bag. Zurich citizens worthy of the name travel by bicycle - 'velo,' they call it. When it rains, they get wet. The FREITAG brothers wanted a heavy-duty, functional and water-repellent bag to carry their designs. Inspired by the cheerfully coloured lorries rumbling along the cross-Zurich highway just in front of their flat, they cut a messenger bag out of an old truck tarpaulin. As the carry belt, they used second-hand car seat-belt webbing, while an old bicycle inner tube provided the edging.

First FREITAG bag
As luck would have it, their personal need turned into a business which now employs around 160 people. Since their original messenger bag, the FREITAG brothers have developed and marketed several bags for women and men. FREITAG produces two bag lines: The classic FUNDAMENTALS with around 40 models, that are constantly being developed further and complemented and since September 2010 the new FREITAG REFERENCE line with around 15 models. FREITAG products now sell round the globe, in over 460 stores, at our online store and in our FREITAG stores in Berlin, Davos, Hamburg, Cologne, Vienna, Tokyo, Zurich, and Lausanne. They continue to be made in Switzerland.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

FREITAG Early Days




Headquarters: FREITAG lab. ag / NŒRD, Zurich-Oerlikon, Switzerland
Year founded: 1993
Proprietors: Markus and Daniel Freitag
Number of staff: around 160

around 300,000 products per year

Number of stores: ten company-owned F-Stores, with four in Switzerland (Davos 1999, Flagship Store Zurich 2006, REFERENCE Store Zurich 2010, Lausanne 2013), three in Germany (Hamburg 2002, Cologne 2008, Berlin 2009), one in Vienna (2011) and two in Tokyo (2011 and 2013), an Online Store based in Zurich-Oerlikon and 460 retail partners worldwide

Materials used : 300 tons of truck tarpaulins, 15,000 bicycle inner tubes and 130,000 car seatbelts per year

Products: FREITAG FUNDAMENTALS: around 40 models, FREITAG REFERENCE: around 15 models, FREITAG F-ABRIC workwear

Distinctions Awarded

2015 Bundespreis Ecodesign for F-ABRIC in the category Product
2015 Silver ADC for On the Road to F-ABRIC publication and bronze for the F-ABRIC screw button both in the category Design
2014 European Design Awards, gold for the REFERENCE product catalogs «AGED 10 YEARS»
2013 “SwissAward” 2012 in the Business category
2012 GfM marketing prize – Annual prize from the Foundation for Marketing in Corporate Management
2012 Gold EDI for the F60 JOAN Movie in the Corporate Film category
2012 From 4th of april to 29th of july 2012, the Museum of Design in Zurich dedicates FREITAG the exhibition «FREITAG – Out of the Bag»
2011 Des MERIT for continuous services in the field of design of Daniel and Markus Freitag
2011 6th Zurich entrepreneur award for innovative, sustainable and commercially successful work of Daniel and Markus Freitag
2011 Silver EDI for F48 Hazzard Backpack Movie in the category corporate movie
2010 Silver for FREITAG REFERENCE from the magazine Hochparterre in the category Design
2009 Distinction, Design Preis Schweiz for the rack model «V30 FREITAG SKID»
2009 Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany: Gold for the F-Store in Zurich in the Product Design category
2008 Gold for the F-Store in Zurich at the 8th International contractworld.award
- 1. Award for Marketing and Architecture for the F-Store in Zurich
- Best of Swiss Web: Gold seal in the Business Efficiency category, Silver seal in the Creation category, Bronze seal in the Technology Quality category
2007 D&AD Global Awards, Golden Pencil for Environmental Design / Retail & Services
2006 Gold for the F-Store Hamburg at the 7th architecture award contractworld.award 2006
2006 Bronze for the photo series «FREITAG RENEGADE» by the Art Directors Club Switzerland in the category Photography / Illustration
2005 Dragnet was presented at the Who’s Next Fashion trade show in Paris as one of the milestones of «urban fashion»
2003 Master of Swiss Web for the F-CUT as best Swiss Website
2003 Gold for the F-CUT by the Art Directors Club Europe in the category of New & Mixed Media / Interactive Media
2003 Gold for the F-CUT by the Art Directors Club Switzerland in the category of Electronic Publishing
2003 Top Cat model is accepted into the design collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA)
1999 Distinction awarded in the Trade Competition for Applied Arts, Switzerland
1997 1993 prototype is accepted in the collection of the Zurich Museum of Design
1997 Distinction, Design Prize Switzerland


2012 The second FREITAG book published by Lars Müller Verlag bears the title “FREITAG – Out of
the Bag”. The editor is the Museum of Design in Zurich
2010 During the launch of their new FREITAG REFERENCE the company issues a compilation of their experimental newspaper «THE DAILY REFERENCE»
2001 FREITAG book published by Lars Müller Verlag