Who are the people behind the stores that sell our compostable, European-grown and manufactured work clothes? Why do they stock them? Who buys them? Do they have a compost bin? And what other items are their favorites in store? We interviewed and photographed our F-ABRIC dealers.


F-ABRIC is available at selected FREITAG Stores and retailers as well as in our online store.

Country City Shop
Switzerland Zurich FREITAG Store Grüngasse
  Zurich Flagship Store Zürich
  Zurich VMC
  Zurich On y va
  Bern Olmo
  Bern Kitchener Plus
  Aarau Rolling Rock Shop
  Lucerne boutique MAI
  Chur Sterling
  Lausanne FREITAG Store Lausanne
  Biel/Bienne Alabama Trading Post
  Lugano Baba J
  Locarno Pelletteria Di Salvo
Germany Berlin FREITAG Store Berlin
  Hamburg FREITAG Store Hamburg
  Hamburg Glore
  Cologne FREITAG Store Cologne
  Munich Magazin Munich
  Stuttgart Magazin Stuttgart
  Stuttgart Glore
  Nuremberg Glore
  Bonn kiss the inuit
  Regensburg Ludwig3
Austria Vienna FREITAG Store Vienna
France Paris Centre Commercial
  Toulouse Neiwa
Italy Rome Fratelli Posti
  Florence Societé Anonyme
  Venice Tonolo Selezioni
  Mestre Lori Fashion
  Udine Robe di Casa
  Mirano Tonolo Selezioni
  Riva del Garda North Lake Shop
  Trento Raccolta Differenziata
  Servigliano Marco Serafini
  Portogruaro Lan.Gola
  Ascoli Piceno Epta
  Parma 333
  Treviso Berries Concept Store
Spain Madrid Despacio Madrid
  Barcelona M69 Born
Netherlands Amsterdam Six and Sons
  Eindhoven Piet Hein Eek
  Eindhoven Viel Gut
  Leiden EDUARD Leiden
Japan Tokyo FREITAG Store Tokyo Shibuya
  Osaka IN Namba Parks
  Kobe Felice Lifestyle Store Harbor
China Shanghai Glossy
  Chengdu Brompton Junction Chengdu
Taiwan Taipei FUJIN TREE
Thailand Bangkok Pronto at Central Embassy
Singapore Singapore Actually
South Korea Seoul MMMG Itaewon
United States San Francisco Dijital Fix