November, 29 2012 - FREITAG FUNDAMENTALS


For as long as Cupertino has been making Smartestphones, we have been responding with the best truck tarp covers you could possibly stick them in. So we're keeping our end of the deal again. #5 is alive and we've put out the SuperProtectionSleeve that F-its it like a glove.

As always, the sturdy, one-of-a-kind tarp covers will keep your Smartestphone safe. And the velvety lining will practically polish it every time you pull it out. Plus, with the seamless colorful zipper F-lap, you won't fumble to pick it up when it rings.

Like its F-orbears before it, the F28 SLEEVE for iPhone® 5 is available in all the colors of the streetsavailable in our Online Store and in all our F-Stores.

November, 29 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

Erwin Koch as a Guest on
«FREITAG am Donnerstag»

Erwin Koch speaks at the FREITAG REFERENCE Store about «Mein Leben als Reporter». (Lecture in german)

The successful lecture series from REPORTAGEN and FREITAG about the most fascinating aspects of journalism continues. The next dates scheduled for Munich and Vienna can be found online here. Please register in advance.

November, 23 2012 - FREITAG STORY

La Bergerie x James Reeve x FREITAG

La Bergerie, James Reeve and FREITAG, that’s what we call a ménage a trois! On November 10th we got together not only to celebrate our enduring F-riendship but to admire selected pieces from James’ collection «Lightscapes», have a close look at our REFERENCE Line made from vintage truck tarpaulins, and the FREITAG Roadkill installation.


Four from FREITAG

Kissing is simple, but a good kiss is a work of art. Exactly the same thing applies to the Tote Modern bags: it was a tough job getting them to live up to their motto of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple but Sophisticated). Now at last they're here, simple and simply perfect. our new four heroes of unpretentious simplicity with an incredible range of benefits for users.

From the young mother that always goes for a quick shop but buys more than she intended, to the graphic designer who doesn’t actually want a bag but always has more stuff with him than he can carry, and the bricklayer girl than can even carry water to the cement mixer with it:

F90 DELGADO, F91 PRITCHETT, F92 DUNPHY and F93 BINGHAM are for everyone and have everything a bag needs and nothing a bag could possibly lack. The bags’ simple, timeless design coupled with their racy previous life as a truck tarpaulin make each one unique. In fact, they could easily be museum pieces if they weren’t so practical.


The F-antastic F-our Organizing Superheroes Have Arrived!

Coins from pre-euro eras, discount cards from stores you no longer visit, embarrassing Polaroid photos that you still can’t bear to throw away, tools for weird furniture that you might have to disassemble some day and divorce papers – What are you supposed to do with all this stuff?
We now have the ultimate answer to this agonizing question: F05 BLAIR, F06 SERENA, F07 CHUCK and F08 DAN are the F-antastic F-our bags of various sizes with colorful zippers offering the key to a perfectly organized life.

The newest members of the F-amily are used to order and routine. In their previous lives as truck tarps, the pouches often stood in orderly lines of traffic waiting to travel through the Gotthard tunnel. Now they are ready to help you organize your bathroom, office, basement or secret bottom drawer – or at least hide the chaos in one of their colorful zippered pouches. In short, these pouches are the most F-abulous and best-looking system for every area of your life. Having your things all cleaned up (or at least well organized) creates space for thinking, turning somersaults with or without friends, or just room for friends without any somersaulting involved.

For the first time in your life, you won’t receive funny looks for having several models of the same bag, because everyone knows that one pouch isn’t enough to restore order. The higher your messy factor is, the more you need BLAIR, SERENA, CHUCK & DAN.

August, 30 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

Linus Reichlin as a Guest on
«FREITAG am Donnerstag»

As part of the lecture series «FREITAG am Donnerstag» author and winner of the 2009 German crime novel prize, Linus Reichlin, talked in Berlin on August 28 about sub-par fabricators, the impossibility of working without Google and what you should do when you happen not to know something.

«The goal of a fabrication in a novel is not to convince readers of a false reality but rather to make reality as tangible as possible for them.»

«A fabrication becomes plausible when you emphasize minor details.»

In the film, you can find out why Linus Reichlin has a hard time with the mountainous Afghan landscape, how the journalistic image of reality is a limitation, and why an accordion player with two monkeys can completely change one’s perspective.

The successful lecture series from REPORTAGEN and FREITAG about the most fascinating aspects of journalism continues. The next dates scheduled for Zurich, Munich and Vienna can be found online here. Please


It could be 36 hours before you get home

First we agreed we wouldn’t divulge the things a lady packs into her bag when she breaks out for a spell of adventure. It’s a secret, after all. Just like it’s a secret that a woman would even have such 36-hour-thoughts.

But then we looked around and figured „what the heck“, it’s 2012 and girls can do as they please. So open your eyes wide shut and peep in to our little film for a show of contemporary packing skills. Featuring F62 PEGGY – our new tote for all hard-working city-girls who sometimes forget themselves over an after-work drink.

A nice little detail around the clock: F62 PEGGY’s bag-in-the-bag-on-a-leash for all those items you would never want to be caught fishing for.

Note: A friend of JOAN and BETTY, PEGGY is incredibly hard-working – something to do with her history as a truck tarp on European highways. F62 PEGGY is not human. She is an R.I.P. (Recycled Individual Product) and thus a complete original. Just like all other members of the FREITAG family.

PEGGY is available in our Online Store and in all our F-Stores.

August, 2 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

FREITAG am Donnerstag in Berlin

Together with REPORTAGEN, FREITAG invites you for an evening with:

Linus Reichlin
«Investigation on trial.»
The challenge in the age of Google to unearth news as a journalist.

Thursday, August 23 2012
FREITAG Store, Max-Beer-Strasse, 10119 Berlin
Doors open at 6 pm. Lecture begins at 6:30 pm.

The «FREITAG am Donnerstag» (litterally: FRIDAY on Thursday) lecture series provides a look at one of the most fascinating forms of journalism and encourages discussion about it.

Please register here for the comming lecture (will be held in German). 

August, 2 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

Not just bags need content

We would be happy to discuss Gotthard or soft porn, if there should be an overweight tax on heavy metal tour buses or whether a Runaway Train is better than a Convoy, ecology wise. But right now we have some proper content for you: our new REFERENCE collection is now leaving the F-actory to conquer the sidecatwalks of your city!

The latest temptation comes mostly in bodacious blue and glorious grey – but to add sparkle to our REFERENCE palette, we proudly introduce: silver. Achtung: Please consider our colors aren’t mixed with a mixer or spun from a thread. They are collected on streets of Europe, sent to our cutters and are then assembled according to their hue. Individual changes in tone or patina are what makes every FREITAG bag unique.

However, we pride ourselves in giving form and function to these preciously thrashed materials, satisfying the aesthetical and practical demands of our Referents. Part of our new REFERENCE F-leet is the big weekender R516 HILTEN, the small travel buddy R517 HERMITZ and the two city walk companions for ladies R110 RÉMY and R116 RUFFIN. All of them waiting to haul goods across the tarmac once again.

Now don’t forget: REFERENCE makes reference to the artists of words and letters, jugglers, writers and journalists. The criterion: Their words carry further than even our bags ever will. And why do we make such References? Because not just bags need content. Life does, too. The complete REFERENCE collection is available at our Online Store, in our  FREITAG Stores and selected partners partners from Milano to Sapporo.

















July, 5 2012 - FREITAG STORY

One Book in Paris

Never has Paris been more F-ormidable to us: FREITAG and ARTAZART, F-Dealer No. 1 in La Grande Nation, celebrated on June 21, 2012 the launch of "FREITAG – Out of the Bag", the book that traces the F-history. Cheers to all of you for coming, celebrating - and reading!

Camera and Editor: Marie-Gabrielle Fabre /
Music: Daniel Baumann /


Now with graphics: SLEEVE for MacBook Air®

Something big has happened on the sleeve front. The Mac Air Sleeve with the legendary closure has also been taken to the next level. This classic is no longer available simply in monotones but finally also comes in colorful, designtarps, as well as in an additional size. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the latest arrival in our assortment: The F84 SLEEVE for MacBook Air 11" and the F85 SLEEVE for MacBook Air 13"!


Greetings from somewhere downtown

F60 JOAN, the latest member of our FUNDAMENTALS series, is on promo tour Only we didn’t just shoot in the Big Apple, we also filmed in Zurich, Davos, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Tokyo, Paris and Amsterdam. Of course she does not waste her time in the suburbs. For fun, she goes downtown. Who she hangs out on and who is her «plus one» on the concrete carpets of this world’s megacities is something you’ll see on her video postcard.

Movie: &Söhne 
Song: Never Stop, performed by The Bad Plus, composed by Reid Anderson

June, 7 2012 - FREITAG STORY


459 F-riends helped us celebrating the release of «FREITAG – Out of the Bag». The following 12 photos show more than the 2 Bros. but less than the 672 beers, 76 bottles of wine and 383 hot dogs, offered as a sacrifice to author Renate Menzi and publisher Lars Müller.


FREITAG am Donnerstag in Cologne

Together with REPORTAGEN, FREITAG invites you for an evening with:

«The heart of the reportage is the research.»
The challenge in the age of Google to unearth news as a journalist.

Thursday, June 28 2012
FREITAG Store, Friesenwall 24, 50672 Cologne
Doors open at 6 pm. Lecture begins at 6:30 pm.

The «FREITAG am Donnerstag» (litterally: FRIDAY on Thursday) lecture series provides a look at one of the most fascinating forms of journalism and encourages discussion about it.

Please register here for the comming lecture (will be held in German). 



Wishful thinking: We design a beautiful sleeve. And Apple makes a gadget to fit it. Stressful reality: Apple develops something, calls it «New» and keeps us on our toes to match their dimensions, fixtures and functionalities.
Luckily, FREITAG is F-lexible. Right in time for the launch of the iPad 3rd generation, we’ve updated our sleeves to match. The function fanatic F25 FOLDER for iPad fits iPad2 and iPad 3rd generation and is equipped with a magic magnet that won’t only keep the folder folded, but also turns your iPad on and off automatically. Precision cutouts grant easy access to all plugs and buttons without ever removing the folder. And with three unique positions, this folder will please all padders: Key Note (horizontal, angled for speakers and late night talkers), Make-Up (vertical for readers and demonstrators), and Battleship (vertical, angled for hide- and seekers).
Visit the Store

F23 SLEEVE for iPad
The classic quick-draw FREITAG SLEEVE for iPad fits iPad, iPad 2 with Smart Cover and the iPad 3rd generation with Smart Cover. This sleeve is available in our Online Store and in all our F-Stores.

May, 16 2012 - FREITAG STORY


Anyone who wants to understand how the world works reads books. That’s why there are books about Icelandic ponies, trailing calendulas, how to make your dwarf bunny rabbit happy, ancient Viking ruins in Newfoundland and artistic ideas for soap carvings. It’s high time that a book about FREITAG joined their ranks! It bears the apt title of «FREITAG – Out of the Bag» (in german «FREITAG – Ein Taschenbuch») and is published by Lars Müller Publishers. Its author is Renate Menzi, curator of the «FREITAG – Out of the Bag» exhibition at the Museum of Design in Zurich.
We’re just as excited as you are to see what’s inside, but we’ve heard that the book is a snapshot based on interviews with the Bros. and the F-Crew, material pertaining to the supposed FREITAG secret recipe and previously kept under lock and key, as well as spectacular unpublished photos. And we’ve saved the best for last: The first 50 books will be signed personally by the Freitag brothers, and the online order will also be rewarded with a FREITAG business card case not available from any store.
Visit the Store

May, 16 2012 - FREITAG STORY


While the West Coast leapfrogs, the East Coast cycles: Exactly one year ago we opened our FREITAG Store in NYC with the Compost Canteen installation at the «Salon 94» gallery behind the New Museum. The F-Bros. came in person, made soup and made sure only the guests got wasted: Everything else was diligently recycled in the middle of the Gallery space. Some guests even brought their own garbage. So for the sake of celebrating – here are a few recycled making-of pictures from a year ago. As Frankie said: If we can recycle there, we can recycle anywhere!

April, 26 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE


1837 marked the birth of what you might call Zurich’s first city beach. That’s what you get from being geographically located at the center of Europe.
Don’t worry, we’re not about to claim the Swiss invented the concept of spilling cubic meters of sand, students and vodka onto a riverbank. Trusting the papers, everything began with «Paris Plage». But can one really trust the media in this? Wasn’t maybe the global hype some years back fueled by the simple fact that journalists themselves found solace there from a white-knuckle day of writing? Reclining on industrial quartz sand in the fading sunlight with a gin and tonic?
Whatever the story, the punchline is this: FREITAG proudly presents the very limited edition of the sweet-water beach bags based on the handwoven REFERENCE R515 WILLIAMS Limited Edition, all featuring a cocktail of colors, with every color combination produced exactly 15 times. Worldwide.

And why is this cool? Because all the colors are selected from different series of used truck tarpaulins. Because they’re woven by hand. Because they’ll last longer than any city beach promoter. And because they’re FREITAG – lined with smart compartments and equipped with intelligent solutions like the builtin lanyard for your keys: very convenient getting home to your urban cabana after a copa too many.

Launch: In-store April 26, 2011 – FREITAG Online Store May 3, 2012.


FREITAG Store Wien - Neubaugasse 26, Wien

FREITAG Store Berlin - Max-Beer-Strasse 3, Berlin
FREITAG Store Hamburg - Klosterwall 9, Hamburg
FREITAG Store Köln - Friesenwall 24 , Köln

Societé Anonyme - Via Niccolini 3/f, , Firenze

FREITAG Store Tokyo - Ginza, Chuo-ku 1-13-12, Tokyo
ROSSO - Nakanocho, Yanagino-banba Higashi-hairu, Sanjo-Dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi 1-2, Kyoto

FREITAG REFERENCE Store Zürich - Grüngasse 21, Zürich
FREITAG Flagship Store Zürich - Geroldstrasse 17, Zürich
Vestibule - St. Peterstrasse 20,, Zürich
Kitchener Plus - Aarbergergasse 40, Bern

FREITAG Online Store –

April, 5 2012 - FREITAG STORY

It is open!

On Tuesday, 3rd of April 660 people (and with them an estimated 300 FREITAG bags) celebrated the opening of the exhibition «FREITAG – Out of the Bag» at the Museum für Gestaltung Zurich. You can visit the exhibition until 29th of July. More information:


Mad Women: F60 JOAN & F61 BETTY

Not to be taken seriously is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. Now imagine that this has been the burden of over half of the worlds female population. For ages. Which is why we give you a small nudge to start a new wave of feminism: Introducing a series of women’s bags with F60 JOAN and F61 BETT Y, surprising functionalities included.

The most functional women’s bags FREITAG has ever made. 

To the Online Store

Positively intriguing:

Like a certain gal in a certain TV-series, F60 JOAN is a bag on a yo-yo diet: if you pull the right strings, it gets bigger and smaller. And whatever the dimension, it always looks stunning. Further, F60 JOAN is a master of intrigue: romantic enough to hold hands, or lay on your shoulder. Liberated enough to strap down on any odd object and strap onto the handlebars of a bicycle.

1. Perfect for holding hands or laying on your shoulder.
2. Simply pull out the straps for an extended version.
3. Or use the straps to hold your pain quotidien or your paper.
4. Bicyclable thanks to two Velcro Straps that allow mounting the bag to your handlebars.

Pretty BETTY: F61

Don’t let this beauty waste away in suburban exile! This too-pretty-for-anyone tote-bag withstands unnamed abuse without so much as a blemish on it’s beautiful tarp face and it’s elegant tote shape. Blossoms on every trip to town – not only because it fills up with goodies, but because in the urbs, it comes to find it’s true purpose.

1. Sassy shoulder or humble hand carriage.
2. External zippered pocket for fast access to MasterCard, mace or Methylphenidate.
3. Zippered bag-in-the-bag with safety leash for on-the-fly fishing for your precious and privates.

March, 22 2012 - FREITAG STORY


From the streets to the factory to the streets to the museum: FREITAG will be at the center of a monothematic exhibition at the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich (MFG). Wow, it flatters us and our Recycled Individual Products (RIP). Even though we feel way too young for a retrospective. But we're still a little proud.

March, 22 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

FREITAG am Donnerstag in Vienna

Together with REPORTAGEN, FREITAG invites you to the F-Store Vienna for an evening with:

«Journalism is a lie»
Why the world can be described only subjectively.

Thursday, April 12 2012
FREITAG Store, Neubaugasse 26, 1070 Vienna
Doors open at 6 pm. Lecture begins at 6:30 pm.

Impressions from the talk can be found here.

The «FREITAG am Donnerstag» (litterally: FRIDAY on Thursday) lecture series provides a look at one of the most fascinating forms of journalism and encourages discussion about it.

Please register here for the comming lecture (will be held in German). 

February, 23 2012 - FREITAG FUNDAMENTALS

F48 HAZZARD: Risky business.

Every occupation or occupy-movement requires its utensils. May we recommend one that fits a 17-inch screen, mounds of paper, your megaphone and rain gear? Still, F48 HAZZARD remains compact and never gets in your way or your spokes. The ideal bag for successful idealists.

PROFILE: tough, square, padded
DIMENSIONS MM: 300 x 120 x 450
(L X W X H) INCH: 11.8 x 4.7 x 17.7
VOLUME: 15.0 litres
DESIGN: by the FREITAG bros. in 2010



February 23, 2012

Grüezi Gozaimas!


We know how things can get lost in translation. So making a big step like this, we were more than a little nervous. And surprised when we saw the campers in front of the FREITAG Store in Tokyo on opening day October, 7. Until now, we thought this was a prerogative of the company we make sleeves for. The sleeping bags are gone now. But the interest remains: Already after six months, Tokyo has become a beloved member of the FREITAG Store Family. 

Photo Credit: Sebastian Mayer

FREITAGizing a store

Lost in celebration



«It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations, enhances a person’s ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making.» Alan Greenspan

Contrary to Alan Greenspan, F57 ALAN makes finance simple. Welcome to the truly clean Swiss solution for your assets made from used truck tarps.

Equipped with the ingenious FREITAG Quick-Draw Tab known from the F24 SLEEVE for iPhone® 4/4S, cards are always at hand. Also F57 ALAN’s discreet low profile keeps jeans and jacket pockets from bulging even when you’re boasting up to 8 platinum cards plus your neatly folded cash.

F57 ALAN will not make you any money. But it will help you spend it in style.


January, 26 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE


The brand-new REPORTAGEN magazine is devoted completely to reportage as the most touching and captivating form of journalism. Between the soft linen covers of REPORTAGEN, outstanding writers tell incredible stories from all around the world.

Together with REPORTAGEN, FREITAG invites you on Thursday, February 16 to the F-Store Hamburg for an evening with:

«There is no reality.»
A lecture on the challenges of describing reality as a journalist and author.

Here some impressions from the event.

The presentation by this Swiss author and journalist is part of the «FREITAG am Donnerstag» (literally: FRIDAY on Thursday) lecture series. The series, which has already been successfully launched in Berlin and Zurich, provides an inside look at the work of writing reportage and also encourages stimulating exchange between journalists, editors and readers.

January, 12 2012 - FREITAG REFERENCE

Elaborate Tarp Craftsmanship

The brand new FREITAG REFERENCE collection mixes message and memento. Finest unicolored vintage tarps, worked and coaxed into shapely bags. Both new models and modern classics boasting elaborate craftsmanship – coming to you in summery colors red, white, and for the first time, yellow!

Since the beginning, FREITAG REFERENCE has made reference to journalism and creative writing. Now we team up with the editors of REPORTAGEN who – against all odds – started the only German written magazine focusing completely on researched reports at a time when everyone else focuses on large pictures and digestible portions of words. Our photo series shows the editors of REPORTAGEN at their graphic design studio Moiré in Zurich.

The complete REFERENCE collection is available at our online store, in our FREITAG Stores and at selected partners from Helsinki to Shanghai.