The truth about Christmas presents

The Christmas season is a reflective time full of fairytale-like hypotheses. Naturally, we don’t want to destroy anyone’s illusions, but since it isn’t actually Christmas yet, we feel there’s still time to give you three hard and fast F-acts you may never have heard before:

  1. Christmas is a celebration of love – not of presents. However, love is best expressed with nice presents.
  2. Your Christmas gifts are not delivered by a rotund Santa Claus who flies in from the North Pole with his fleet of reindeer, but rather by a sweating UPS guy from NŒRD, our F-actory in Zurich-Nord.
  3. Nice, thoughtful, love-exuding Christmas presents are items of precision and craftsmanship, and are not made by cheery little elves at the North Pole but rather by the highly talented, indefatigable F-Crew here at the Nœrd Pole.

Of course, anybody can claim anything, but we provide you with proof. Whereas up until now, no one has caught Santa in flagranti, we are publishing the first ever, touching pictures of PETRA, HANSPETER, SALIM, and LARA.

And on that note we leave you, wishing you a very

Merry F-Mas from the Nœrd Pole