On Second Thought

Proudly presenting a series that shouldn’t exist: The panic pink, blunt black, striking silver, brute brown and absolute anthracite REFERENCE Limited Edition. Like the statue that displays them, their rarity is only seen at second glance.

Limited editions have come and gone down the path to mass-marketing-irrelevance. Because they’re arbitrary. Companies producing short of estimated demand and then calling it «limited» – until it’s all sold out, and miraculously they decide to produce more of the stuff.

This REFERENCE Limited Edition is different. How many pink trucks have you seen on the road lately? How many trucks with silver tarps? Or even black? In the eighteen years of FREITAG they must have gotten a thousands of requests for black bags. The answer: Because they heat up in the summer, there are practically no black trucks. Hence PRACTICALLY no black tarps. Hence PRACTICALLY no black FREITAG bags. Sorry.

Essentially the bags featured in the FREITAG REFERENCE FW11 Limited Edition shouldn’t exist. But after having collected odd-color tarps for a while, FREITAG now has enough material to give you two of the classics - R103 GREEN and R504 CLEMENS - in the above limited colors. The bags are available at selected FREITAG REFERENCE dealers or online at freitag.ch while supplies last – at a price premium of 10% to cover their collecting efforts, and at only 15 pieces made per model and color, they should be gone rather quickly.

Le deuxième regard

Only at a second glance does the sculpture by Swiss Artist David Renggli reveal it’s multiple levels of meaning, imitating the imitators of sculpture which imitates man. In FREITAG words, it makes reference to a reference of a reference. Made from vintage clothing, mannequin parts, gold color and plaster casts of the artist’s mother, «Vater macht Futter» is on transitional exhibit at the FREITAG REFERENCE Store in Zurich.


Launch: In-store November 10, 2011 – FREITAG Online Store November 22, 2011.

Is it real? Get behind the photo


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FREITAG Store Berlin - Max-Beer-Strasse 3, Berlin
FREITAG Store Hamburg- Klosterwall 9, Hamburg
FREITAG Store Köln - Friesenwall 24 , Köln
Societé Anonyme - Via Niccolini 3/f, www.societeanonyme.it , Firenze
FREITAG Store Tokyo - Ginza, Chuo-ku 1-13-12, Tokyo
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