Since 1993 FREITAG has been manufacturing bags inspired by messengers riding on wheels. With FREITAG REFERENCE, we turn to those messengers writing on paper. Messenger comes from message; and today, the media are the horse that carries him. The next life of an idea, of a material; REFERENCE is a FREITAG bag like you’ve never seen.

In September 2010, REFERENCE was also a newspaper. From September 3rd through September 30th, the FREITAG REFERENCE EDITORIAL SPACE was open at Grüngasse in Zurich. During this time, what used to be the Bros. studio was turned into a newsroom and printing facility – with a lead press from 1840, a coffee machine, the REFERENCE line on display and the Bros.

Every morning at 8 a.m., the FREITAG editorial space hosted THE DAILY REFERENCE editorial kickoff. By noon, the cut-outs from other newspapers commented on by the Bros. and guests were scanned and uploaded. Available freshly lead-printed at 5 p.m. After one month, all THE DAILY REFERENCES were reunited and published as THE REFERENCE.



More than 15 years after we started FREITAG, we finally know what we’re about: cycles. We cycle to work. We cycle tarps. And we think in cycles. So our newspaper THE DAILY REFERENCE (download pdf-file) which we edited from September 3rd through 30th cycles content:

1. We got newspapers

2. We cut them up

3. We transcreated, you transcreated

4. We manufactured a recontextualized print product