Direction/Edit: Yves Scagliola, Camera: Gregor Sommer, Packing Artist: Mira Gisler


The summer sun is dawning. We warmly recommend our super-practical and super-spacious sports bags F45 LOIS and F46 CLARK to all those who sense an urge to do some sports. Optimally tailored to all urban dwellers with their individual BMIs and every type of sporting activity. And if it doesn’t fit, it will be made to fit.


We have been unanimously chosen as the (un-)official supplier of sports equipment to individualists and wannabe sports champions. Hence we want you to shine at least as equals amongst the ranks of uniformly dressed team sportspeople brought into line. We thus offer the FREITAG team discount on sports bags to teams that have been clearly arranged arbitrarily: Walk six abreast into an F-Store, choose a bag each and we will gift you one in exchange for a team F-oto. This promotion runs until April 22, 2015.