Since 1993 FREITAG has been producing and marketing bags and accessories made from used materials and found on the road outside your front door: old truck tarpaulins tanned by exhaust fumes, cycle inner tubes and used seat belts. FREITAG sets great store on functionality, design, durability and quality.

Become a supplier! Sell your old truck tarpaulins to us and enjoy three advantages:
1.    Earn some extra cash.
2.    Save on waste disposal costs.
3.    Give your used tarpaulins a next life.

We are constantly purchasing truck tarpaulins from all over Europe. Our prices vary according to their colour, weight and quality. Whether you are a haulier, body-repairer, a manufacturer or simply a private person you can sell us your old tarpaulins.

We would be glad to count you as one of our suppliers. Contact us and provide us details about:
•    The quantity of available tarpaulins,
•    The type of tarpaulin (side curtain, complete tarpaulin...)
•    The dimensions of the tarpaulins
•    The colour of the tarpaulins

Download our color card