December 2 to January 3 (CET)

Here’s a hot tip that the F-Crew has been keeping to itself: our FREITAG stores in Tokyo and Osaka are the best place to go if you find yourself in the land of the rising sun and need a recommendation on where to eat – or if you want a unique product with that good old tarp smell. 
This kind of knowledge makes the store crews so happy that they’ve put together a list of restaurant tips guaranteed to make you happy. They’d also love it if you got in touch with them on Facebook Messenger if you’re in Osaka or Tokyo and feel like an extra in Lost in Translation.

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Ask Osaka for some top tips


San-Syu-Ya: «Very old school culturel, Sashimi, Tempura. Everything is good!» (Jun)

Yamacho: «You can enjoy the super tasty Udon noodle at the great comfy atmosphere in the hidden place in Ebisu.» (Yoshiko)

Gyoza no Fukuho: «40 pcs of Gyoza (1740 yen) and beer. You won’t need anything else!» (Konosuke)

Tonki: «Super nice Tonkatsu Restaurant in Meguro.» (Oli)

Kabuki Soba: «Traditional Soba restaurant. Very tiny place but it is nice atmosphere. Taste also very good.» (Yusuke)


LiLo Coffee Roasters: «Tiny coffee stand filled with aromatic coffee flavor and smile of unbelievably friendly barista. And they serve beer too.» (Ryo)

ICHIMUAN: «Our favorite lunch restaurant. Big chicken curry.....that is perfect curry. Super soft and healthy fried chicken put on the spicy curry.» (Moto)

GARAGE 39: «Good selection of beers from Japanese independent brewery with full fantastic food menu.» (Ryo)


Because happiness is just as individual as our bags, we have been busy creating not just one, but 25 different ways to bring a smile to your face this Christmas. Hopefully at least one of them will do the trick!