The starting point of the Ad Absurdum tour was a carte blanche at the mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts) in Lausanne. To make the fundamental principles behind the bags and special projects visible, the Freitag brothers and the Riklin twins extended FREITAG’s bag production process ad absurdum. They collected old FREITAG bags, made them into a new truck tarp, and then re-re-recycled them into new bags!

From this absurdization of the FREITAG value creation chain, the brothers created a serious manifesto for consumer attitudes in the 21st century. It’s a plea for a recycling economy, for quality and for durability, and it locates happiness in questioning the pace of modern life.

  1. We keep stuff in closed cycles
  2. We own objects that last
  3. We repair
  4. We believe in systems designed for compatibility 
  5. We prefer access over ownership
  6. We pay for results not resources
  7. We lose speed to win time

P.S. Happiness is cyclical


From September 18 to 21, the Freitag brothers and the Riklin twins toured Switzerland together, taking with them a copy of “FREITAG ad absurdum” – an exhibition about their principles. They showcased this in the laundry rooms of the “curators of the everyday”.

Friends, neighbors and strangers met for the opening of FREITAG ad absurdum in the place where Simone, Heinz and Luc usually hang their wet clothes to dry. The three led the way with their laundry rooms and curated the Freitag brothers’ and Riklin twins’ exhibition.


This exhibition catalog attempts to capture the essence of the exhibition and present it in a new context, so that the pieces continue to evolve further in private spheres. The publication can be taken apart and transformed into a pop-up exhibition – it includes everything you need, from the exhibition poster to images and templates for the local press. 

Design: so+ba, Susanna Baer und Alex Sonderegger
Photography: Peter Hauser


The Riklin twins and Freitag brothers look forward to transforming laundry rooms, hallways and living rooms into exhibition spaces. The films are available for download on YouTube and Vimeo. Let us know when it reaches you ( Perhaps we’ll be around. And if not, we look forward to seeing photos of your pop-up exhibition!

Original movies of the exhibition (Camera/Edit: Jelena Gernet):