Today’s brainworkers earn their money thinking, typing and sitting on their butts. Come evening, they're more likely to be burned out than worn out and more scared of nervous breakdowns than outbreaks of sweat. Despite all that, F-ABRIC is the perfect everyday/all-day wear for the brain-working majority here, whose apparel probably goes through a lot more before, during and after work than when typing or thinking.

Because something's that's survived the stresses and strains of our truck tarp-cutting department is tough enough for full-on relaxation or the tussle for the last seat on the commuter train. The moisture-regulating and antibacterial properties of the flax and hemp fibers also help if you’re sweating out of fear or from dancing too much. And a material made by adults in Europe from resource-saving raw materials that disappears completely on the compost heap at the end of its life is hardly likely to trouble the conscience even of brainworkers susceptible to psychological or emotional problems.

The working class roots of the E451 FEMALE COAT and the blue E154 FEMALE OVERALL are clear for all to see, even from afar, even if they tend to be worn at the mobile office or in the lecture theater. By contrast, there's nothing to stop even non-model students slipping into our E832 MALE JACKET: because ultimately, Life is the best school for all us.

Here are the new styles for men and women.

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