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Would you like to sell your used truck tarpaulins to FREITAG? Bingo – you’ve come to the right place!

Our asphalt-tested Truckspotter Janina will breathe new life into your tarps, meaning that she will soon be on her happy way through the cities of the world once again – but this time in the form of bags and accessories.

More about Tarp Procurement

Since 1993 FREITAG has been producing and marketing bags and accessories made from used materials and found on the road outside your front door: old truck tarpaulins tanned by exhaust fumes, cycle inner tubes and used seat belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is all the information about the delivery process, the payment as well as about our tarp quality requirements and other terms and conditions.

Please provide us with more details and we will contact you with the speed of a pan-European express transport truck.

Fr. Janina Looser - +41 43 210 32 71 -