Sebastien Kopp is the owner of Centre Commercial in Paris, together with his friend and business partner, François Morillion.

Who are you?
Father of 2 amazing kids, step-father of 2 cool boys, in love with my amazing wife. I spend the rest of the day heading Veja & Centre Commercial with the most intelligent guy I know, my partner & best friend François Morillion.

Digital or analog?
What is analog?

Do you iron yourself?
I never ironed my shirts, they feel better directly out of the washing machine.

What kind of music in your store?
All the music we love, pretty much everything except heavy metal.

France, Italy or Poland?
Europe & Brazil & the whole world.

Because innovation mixed to style, environment and social commitment is the future.

« Romantic, people well dressed, educated, keen on architecture, rough and not very polite.»

What do you like about it?
Plain, basic, no extra word needed.

Why are you customers buying F-ABRIC?
They like well-made products with style.

What else would you like to see from F-ABRIC?
Cool simple shirts.

Do you have a compost heap?
Not yet.

What’s the most important attraction in your city?
The new zoo of Paris, located in Vincennes is amazing.

No matter what F-ABRIC, which is your favorite piece in your store?
Veja sneakers, made out of organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, and wild rubber from Amazonia, mixing style innovation & environment.

Best lunch in your city?
Le Pause Café in Bastille.

Samuel Lehuédé photographed Sebastien in Paris. A big thanks!