Satoru Ueda, owner of Felice Lifestyle likes the concept, the simple design as well as the comfort of F-ABRIC.

Who are you?
The owner of Felice Lifestyle at the store harbor which was built by bricks more than 100 years ago.

Digital or analog?
Digital for my work but analog for my daily life.

Do you iron yourself?
My good wife does.

What's playing over the sound system in your shop?
My feeling.

France, Italy or Poland?
Italy. I'm a Juventus fan for 25 years.

Here in Kobe we have something quite similar, Banshuori, locally produced textiles from local resources. But it's not compostable. That's why i really like the concept of F-ABRIC.

What do you like about it?
The concept, the simple design and it's comfortable to wear.

Why are you customers buying F-ABRIC?
They understand the idea and the high quality.

What else would you like to see from F-ABRIC?
Shorts, shirts and bags.

Do you have a compost bin?

What's the most important attraction in your city?
The city is in the middle of the ocean and the mountains. Enjoy both.

What's your favorite thing in your store aside from F-ABRIC?
My store is selling furniture, lighting and interior made in Japan and Europe.

Which place serves the best lunch in your city?
There are many I cannot pick. Kobe had some good coffee shops.

Photos by Miyo Urushihara. Thanks a lot!