Ben sells in his Concept Store Glossy in Shanghai only pieces which he would wear on his own.

Tell us about yourself.
I'm Ben Guo and I'm 40. I was born and raised in Shanghai. My parents used to work in the textile industry so I've been involved in the business for quite a long time.
When I was younger, I lived in Europe for a while and visited concept stores in Berlin, Paris and Milan full of young, unique brands and designers. I wanted to bring this idea to Shanghai. Until I opened GLOSSY, my first store, back in 2004, we only really had the big global western brands in China.

I travel a lot and I'm always on the look-out for new brands, products and manufacturing techniques. With its mix of materials, F-ABRIC is the most interesting idea I have ever come across. It's a completely new type of fabric.

What is it that makes your store so unique?
Everything that I sell in my store I would wear myself.

What else would you like to see from F-ABRIC?
More! More styles, cuts and colors.

What's your favorite drink?
Green tea in the morning, coffee in the afternoon and a glass of Gewürztraminer from Alsace in the evening.

Your favorite bag?
A white R514 SCHULTE that isn't quite as white as it used to be. The more worn and dirty it gets, the more I love it. It always gets a lot of attention at fashion shows.

Do you have a compost bin?
Not yet. It's about time we brought compost heaps to China.

Where should customers stop off on their way to GLOSSY?
My restaurant Soup Pot for Chinese food and Speak Low for Japanese cocktails. There are lots of amazing restaurants and stores in Xintiandi. The Bund on the banks of the river is the best place to check out the Pudong skyline.

What's your favorite thing at your store?
The M-morias shoe, hand-made by Maurizio Atelier from a single piece of goatskin.

Mirjam Kluka photographed Ben in Zurich. A big thanks!