Giorgina Siviero has been the owner of San Carlo dal 1973 in Turin for countless years and she has a lot to tell about the city and the subject of sustainability.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Giorgina and I have been the owner of SAN CARLO for many years. I live in San Carlo and I’m on a mission to conquer the whole town from here – San Carlo is my town.

What is SAN CARLO exactly?
SAN CARLO is a collection of projects and ideas that move against current fashion trends. SAN CARLO is intelligent and refuses to be cannibalized by the fashion industry.

Is sustainability an issue?
Sustainability is essential, especially as society continues to contaminate our planet. When purchasing for SAN CARLO, I try to choose the most sustainable products. Not an easy task!

Do you do your own ironing?
Only the bare necessities, I never iron bedding, let alone towels.

Digital or analog?
Initially, I resisted going digital, but now I couldn’t live without it! I discovered Instagram this year – I’ve accumulated lots of followers and get likes from around the world. I think it's great!

Do you have a compost bin?
Unfortunately not here in the city, but I do in my country house. Everything that I can't feed to my chickens, pigs and goats ends up there, and in the spring I have a rich fertilizer for my vegetable garden.

«You can tell that FREITAG puts honest, timeless products first, not profits.»

FREITAG manufactures intelligent products with a fundamental sustainability concept that is essential nowadays – few brands are as faithful to their DNA as FREITAG.

What do you like about FREITAG?
For me, FREITAG stands for glamor without fashion trends.

What music is playing in your store?
I would prefer to listen to classical music, but my customers and my employees are into pop.

What’s your favorite thing in your store apart from FREITAG?
My favorite piece is a bag that I designed with Indian stylist Asha Sarabhai. I’ve worked with her for more than 20 years.

Do you have an online store?
I quickly realized that this is not my world. The big online giants have far too much power over smaller players like me. So now I dedicate myself exclusively to customers who come by SAN CARLO.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations for Turin?
For good coffee, go to Stratta. The bicerin (coffee, cocoa and milk cream served in small glass ") or the marocchino (coffee, bitter cocoa powder and foamed milk) are typical Turin drinks. Then go to Guido Gobino, the finest chocolatier in town!
For dinner, «Del Cambio» is absolutely the place to be – the restaurant opened two centuries ago and the interior is great. On the way there, don’t forget to stop by «Bar Mulassano» for an aperitif.

What's the biggest cliché about your town?
That we are ‘bogianen’, an expression for Turin’s infamous stubbornness. But this is no longer true – since tourists discovered our town, thanks largely to the 2006 Winter Olympics, Turin has become a more cosmopolitan city.

Which sustainable innovation from Italy has impressed you?
Slowfood by Carlo Petrini. If Carlo hadn't become a nutrition guru, he’d have invented FREITAG before Daniel and Markus!

Would you rather be Daniel or Markus' sister?
I'd rather love them both! They are the Steve Jobs of fashion for me and have changed the world through their approach.

What else would you like to see from FREITAG?
I hope that FREITAG remains true to itself and that the products remain unique.

Thanks a lot for the photos, Martina Scorcucchi.