Massimiliano Gianelli sells F-ABRIC styles in his concept store Société Anonyme in Florence, because he likes the story behind it.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m the owner of a concept store in Florence. I studied Fashion at Polimoda. I started the store right after studying because I wanted to be independent, I preferred to create my own story.

Digital or analog?
Digital, you have to be digital!

Do you iron yourself?
No. I don’t wear shirts.

What kind of music do you listen to in your store?
I’m very open, electronics and folk – depends on the daily mood. As long as it’s dark and deep.

France, Italy or Poland?

I like the story and the idea. FREITAG thinks of every detail and I like the attention they put into those details. It’s the first 100% percent fabrics.

Why are you customers buying F-ABRIC?
They trust in the new idea and in FREITAG as a brand, because what they do is all sustainable. They know that FREITAG is independent. And they know they think before they act.

What else would you like to see from F-ABRIC?
More styles to have a real collection, I especially miss real workwear styles.

Do you have a compost heap?
No, I live in an apartment.

What’s the most important attraction in your city?
The landscape of the city.

What’s the biggest cliche in your city? Is that the case with you?
Elegant Introverts. No, I feel more international and open minded, maybe more like French then Italian, because my wife is from France.

What's your favorite thing at your store (apart from F-ABRIC)?
My own pants I did for girls. Made out of linen, of course.

Best lunch in your city?
Teatro del Sale.

A big thanks to Martina Scorcucchi for the photos!