Hansi Maunitsch has been selling FREITAG products in his store Zenit Mode in Ingolstadt for 18 years.

Tell us about yourself.
I'm interested in everything.

Also in sustainability?
Yes, I’m especially interested in smaller, independent companies making innovative statements. People who love their products and are about more than just making money. Take Tellason, a small jeans label from San Francisco. It sells just five models, all of which are delivered unwashed. It’s a simple gesture that I really appreciate.

How do you feel about cotton?
It’s the evil in every product.

Do you have a compost bin?
No, but I could get one.

II first came across you and your bags before the turn of the millennium at the Bread & Butter show 18 years ago. I’ve been selling FREITAG products ever since.

Digital or analog?
Digital. And increasingly so. But as far as business goes, I’m still very analog.

What about an online store?
What for?

What music's playing in your store?
I don’t keep track so it’s very arbitrary.

What do you listen to outside your store?
A lot of jazz.

What’s your favorite thing in your store apart from FREITAG?
If I could take home something today, it’d be a jacket from 1stpat-rn.

Who buys and wears FREITAG in Ingolstadt
Anyone between the ages of 15 and 60.

Can you recommend a good restaurant in Ingolstadt?
Breakfast at Bar Centrale - from the creators of Bar Centrale in Munich. The boys are from Ingolstadt. It's a good lunch spot too, or you could try Shinshu or Gasthaus Daniel, the oldest pub in Bayern. And for dinner: Italian! Stella Doro is great.

What's the biggest cliché about Ingolstadt?
That everything is awesome because Audi is based here.

Goofy or Regular?

Is there a sustainable innovation from Germany that has impressed you recently?
The biggest innovation is still to come. I think the transport and automotive industry will set the pace. Everyone is developing ideas in all sorts of directions and no one knows what will prevail. What’s clear is that it will have huge implications for the German economy and the whole world.

What else would you like to see from FREITAG?
A better repair process - and a rolling suitcase.

If you're not in Ingolstadt, where else would you be?
In Engadin at Villa Flor.

Thanks for the photos, Ingo Foertsch