Howdy! Allan here - FREITAG’s Co-Executive Pleasident for Global Happiness. Quite a mouthfull I know. Here I present updates on my Happy Making Mission, GET READY =D

DontHurry_BeHappy is is an investigation into the simple, universal facts of life which can help make us happier, the kind of things that we are sometimes in too much of a rush to notice or even remember. Being a child again. Slowing down and taking a deep breath. A simple smile. A little fart, you know. Our aim is simple ... to help you slow down and tune into these springs of natural happiness!


Allan’s current happiness project is a series of creative Instagram challenges. That’s how he describes it: “Participants may experience a form of mild elation through what might be described as ‘artistic escapism’ followed by a sensation of well-being and community spirit as their pieces are united onto a collective mosaic of ideas”.

See more results of his first challenge “create a home totem” here.

To spread happiness involves preventing UNHAPPINESS, and because we are all different around planet earth we must conduct extensive research, a bit like scientists do: observing, listening, learning, testing out on the streets/in the meadows, then sharing both here on the screens and out on the ground. We want to plant seeds which can grow into little Hap-Happy fern trees.

How did I get this position, I hear you ask? Good question. Well, did you know that FREITAG is over 25 years old? True fact, and for their quarter century anniversary the F-team wanted to say a big thank you to planet earth by spreading their vision of sustainability through happiness =).

They began the search for people who had ideas of how to make this happen ... and 220 application films later, Swiss author Tim Krohn and I were the two successful candidates on this hopeful mission! We will be working independently until next spring to raise global serotonin levels through the roof. 

You can learn more about FREITAG's quest and how we arrived to this point here. 


For more content don’t hurry over to our  happy map homepage and the DontHurry_BeHappy Instagram channel.

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