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blue-collar blue


The bast-ard among neckties

FREITAG Chambray (77% linen, 23% true hemp)

Woven in Lombardy or in Tuscany (Italy), manufactured in Silesia (PL)

Thanks to special sewing thread and selvage 100% compostable

Care Instructions

Because F-ABRIC fibers take in odors more slowly than conventional cotton and synthetic fibers, they don’t have to be washed every time you wear them.

Even if you spend your free time in mud baths, our fabrics only need to be washed at 30°C and they’ll be clean again.

Our fabrics don’t like dryers – they like to be hung out in the fresh air. The best way to dry your F-ABRIC piece is to lay it on a flat surface, which also saves you from having to iron it.

F-ABRIC meets all the requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100/ Class I: Our products are therefore approved for babies and infants, too (incl. the harmful substances requirements of European REACH legislation).

In the old days, knitwear was made of true hemp and cravats from silk. Today, anything's possible. Even the fact you can now buy a FREITAG necktie. After all, people like us occasionally have to go to weddings, funerals or a Transparency Watch annual meeting. At least this one's made of true hemp and fairly and transparently produced.

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