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Cardprotector Wallet

Cardprotector Wallet , $98.00
  • Compact Secrid card protector with space for up to six cards, including one embossed card
  • Robust FREITAG tarp case with a money flap for those old-school banknotes and a pocket to hide away savings for a rainy day
  • Two tarp pockets with space for two cards each

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Protects cards from bending, breaking and unwanted mobile communication (RFID-safe)


65 × 97 × 16 mm (l × w × h)
2.5 × 3.8 × 0.6 inch (l × w × h)


Trucks are tough. That’s why your FREITAG product is tough. It used to be one. Be nice to yours and it will be like a true Swiss friend: modest, reliable and always there when you need it.


Made from used truck tarp and an upcycled aluminum card protector, which quality control confirms is fully functional. However, due to tiny superficial defects, it was deemed to be not quite perfect enough, so we spiced it up with an asphalt laser design.

The Cardprotector wallet

The Secrid Cardprotector is like a mini armored vehicle in a FREITAG tarp shell and holds 4-6 credit cards, depending on their thickness. The higher the number of cards with embossed details, the fewer cards the Cardprotector can hold in total.

The practical Cardprotector-mechanism works from 1 plastic card. Should you need more space or usually carry business cards, old-fashioned banknotes or receipts with you then the tarp shell will come in handy. This offers more nooks and crannies for you to fill.