Dirt to dirt and dust to dust is the supreme law of F-ABRIC. Anything that can't completely biodegrade on the compost pile is categorically ruled out as a raw material.

F-ABRIC will biodegrade completely within around a couple of months if you throw it on the compost. All it takes to let it rot in heaven without leaving residues is a damp, warm compost heap – and a little help from the busy inhabitants of the pile.

The godmother

Margreth Freitag is Markus’s godmother and the lady who introduced the family to the art of composting. While Markus and Daniel can still recall the reluctance with which they used to carry the bucket full of kitchen waste to the garden, there’s no denying that Margreth’s lesson stuck with them. The source of the F-ABRIC cycle is therefore Margreth Freitag.

Some F-ABRIC Styles

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