FREITAG thinks and acts not only in cycles but also anticyclically. The company has deep-sixed the classical organizational hierarchy, including management board, and now made it obligatory for the entire workforce to wear a tie. While the tie is disappearing everywhere else from the workplace, non-casual Friday is the day when the FREITAG crew now wears the E905 CRAVATE: a bast F-ABRIC tie manufactured under totally fair and transparent conditions from fully compostable true hemp and flax.

As you'd expect, the new dress regulations at FREITAG aren't as strictly imposed as our expenses policy, mandatory composting at the factory or a rule obliging cyclists and truck drivers to say Hi to each other. In that respect, we remain absolutely unbending.

Even under the new regime, one of the few who's still allowed to drive a company vehicle: Festim wears an E905 CRAVATE in dark blue, E380 MALE SHIRT in industrial green and an E500 MALE DENIM in dark blue.

Ties a F-our in Hand knot like no one else: F-ABRIC prototyping tailor Marianne wearing E905 CRAVATE in dark blue and E381 FEMALE SHIRT in illusion blue.

Also benefits from the antibacterial and moisture-regulating properties of the F-ABRIC bast fibers flax and true hemp: tarp cutter Bico with E905 CRAVATE in blue and E300 TANK TOP.

Fewer bosses means fewer problems. Miguel prefers to solve them thru direct dialog and wears an E905 CRAVATE in dark blue with an E350 MALE LONGSLEEVE in industrial green.

New F-amily ties: PR sister Elisabeth with the Freitag brothers wearing an E905 CRAVATE in dark blue.

Optimally organized for all forms of organization: the FREITAG Accounting department. Noah with E905 CRAVATE in dark blue.

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