Twenty years after Markus and I gave new life to old truck tarps, FREITAG has created for itself an all-new, biodegradable textile, that is produced right here in Europe.

«Do textiles really have to be shipped across the world three times over before they reach us?»

F-ABRIC is from europe

The materials are made of the bast fibers hemp and flax as well as Modal, all of which are resources that are grown on European soil and do not harm it or require excessive amounts of water to grow. Compared to the production processes of more common textiles, the journey from fiber to finished product is just a short trip for F-ABRIC since all of the production stages take place within a 2500-kilometer radius of our factory in Zurich.

F-ABRIC is healthy

Whether for ecological or health reasons, no one likes to wear toxic clothing. That’s why as few chemicals as possible are used during the cultivation and further processing of F-ABRIC, meaning that F-ABRIC corresponds to Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex® Standard – you could even swaddle a baby in it without having to worry at all.

F-ABRIC is factory-proof

In order to develop and design products made of F-ABRIC, we assembled a small team of textiles experts. Their task: to develop clothing that would meet the demands of factory life and still look good. F-ABRIC was tested by the F-Crew for several months to prove its toughness, comfort, partying-ability and other qualities. The results? Very wearable!

F-ABRIC rots in peace

Anyone who has to sorrowfully say goodbye to their F-ABRIC product after many happy years together doesn’t have to toss it in the trash but rather on the compost pile. F-ABRIC textiles are 100 % naturally biodegradable – including threads and selvage. A piece of clothing thus becomes fertile soil for new raw materials and the cycle continues.

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