If you’d like to create a F718 BUH, you’ll need to register here. Please note that your registration is binding. You can assemble one bag per person and per calendar year. 

Here are your sweat-inducing options:  

Sweat & Relax:

The complete experience. Choose, cut, punch and brand the individual pieces of your F718 BUH. Then wait with a drink in hand until your bag is sewn together. Once it’s finished, you can whisk it away to its new home.

Sweat & Go:

The express service for Do-It-Yourselfers in a hurry: you get to do all the DIY steps and collect your finished F718 BUH a few days later – or we can mail it to you, if you live in Switzerland.  

Let’s sweat together … ?

If you want to drop by with a friend, family or your fitness club, it’s best to call ahead to discuss group rates: +41 43 243 97 49

And if you’d rather help someone else work up a sweat, you can find the Sweat Yourself gift voucher here