Super Tuesday and Black Friday are yesterday's news. And on Full FREITAG, you’ll find nothing whatsoever to do with pseudo discount battles: just FREITAG people's four favorite business bag models with high-value contents. Every Friday, here at the online store and offline in all F-Stores, you’ll find plenty of unique examples of another FREITAG business bag model waiting for individuals who find even the most rugged, perfectly padded bag just a shell devoid of content.

FULL HOFFMANN: Friday, February 24

FULL MOSS: Friday, March 3

FULL CAROLUS: Friday, March 10

FULL ROY: Friday, March 17

Our bulging business bags are available online and in almost all F-Stores from 10 am (CET) while stocks last (no availability in Zurich Noerd; Grüngasse store only offers CAROLUS and HOFFMANN).


F302 ROY is the big, not-just-for-business bag that will suit anyone who finds a good work/life balance essential. After climbing the career ladder all day, you can simply remove the inner laptop compartment to create more space – for all the gear you need to go rock climbing, for instance. And because they both make you thirsty, bag range supervisor Anna’s favorite bag contains a bottle you can refill time and time again. This classic aluminum container for anything and everything that quenches your thirst is made by SIGG of Switzerland and holds up to 600 ml.


Most of the time, it doesn't rain money so much as just rain. So, apart from a robust, water-resistant bag, even rainmakers need an umbrella. And that's the reason our liquidity expert Peter's favorite bag contains one from Knirps, the inventors of the fully automatic folding umbrella. The name of the model is the T.200 Duomatic and it’s packed away in black inside every R511 CAROLUS.


Who feels like sealing a clean deal with a dirty handshake or leaving a lasting impression in grease spots on a contract that's ready for signing? That's why our new store organizer Oli’s favorite bag contains 250 ml of natural soap from SOEDER, specially selected for all the clean-dealing brainworkers out there. The soap smells of sage/rosemary/lavender, is made from natural raw materials by our Swedish exile friends in Zurich and is biodegradable.


When you've had yet another of those too-short nights or desperately need a poker face, it's cool that our F-Dealer head supervisor Niels has a pair of shades in his favorite business bag. Made by Swiss quality glasses manufacturer FOUND they combine fair production conditions with fair prices. And they are our gift to you with the R523 HOFFMANN. The male model is called Vol de Nuit and is available in various colors with a range of one-off bags.