Our F-ABRIC bags are the first bags to possess the honorable quality of leaving absolutely nothing behind. They've mastered the art of disappearing – into compost. We searched high and low for an artist that could capture this feat in an interesting way. Enter Gneborg.


After an intense three days in our workshop in Zurich, crafting, arranging and generally working their magic, they talked to us about themselves and their work.

«We’re Geoffrey and Romain. We met at the ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) 15 years ago and have been collaborating happily on photography projects ever since.

Daniel told us about the long process involved in the development of this material, which was then transformed into a bag that actually disappears. It seemed to parallel our work, which requires precise planning to create illusions such as the one with the bag on the table. If you look at the bag from another angle, it disappears.

We were greeted warmly and equipped with a lot of fabric, some BANDIT straps, and a few beers. The location of the photoshoot was an incredible asset throughout the three days: a real workshop with wood, cardboard, tools and lots of other material just a floor below us, ready to be used for our installation. We were also able to make good use of Daniel Freitag’s personal belongings – after all, he lived here once. There was the duvet that gave our bag construction structure and support, the oven that doubled as a tripod and the dining table that formed a base for the whole operation.

When we spontaneously decided to bring a tree into our image as a symbol of nature, all we had to do was go out into the garden and saw a branch off. And none of it went to waste either: the oven was fired up to keep us warm on the cold last evening.»


Gneborg, photo artists from Lausanne, do not manipulate images in Photoshop. Instead, the duo creates illusions using everyday objects in carefully constructed setups.

Shop a lot, carry a load and leave nothing behind

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