The desire to be on the road and leave the everyday behind, to discover new things, and to see the world as new again, accompanies every urban desk jockey just like his fully booked Outlook agenda.

Zurich bag manufacturer FREITAG has decided to resolve the dilemma with some outsourcing and is sending two highly respected reporters on a trip to give those of us doomed to stay at home a chance to participate from afar. The FREITAG Grand Tour combines the educational journey of the last century with the circumstances of today (media, technology, vacation regulations).

In a totally undemocratic election process, photographer Jörg Koopmann and journalist Michael Hugentobler were selected as Grand Tourists. At the beginning of May, they each collected a folding bike, an InterRail ticket, and carte blanche for selecting destinations and topics, and now they are on the road somewhere in Europe – without an objective or a task, except for reporting every now and then on their movements, encounters, and discoveries. So far we have read about the most perilous stroll in the world and we look forward to reading about the solution to the human energy problem, the most unfriendly people in the world, and many surprises both great and small.

To the Grand Tour

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