For our 25th birthday, we’re gifting ourselves a special someone to help make the world a happier place next year.

In 2019 (our anniversary year), we’re taking a small detour from our usual route, venturing beyond the world of truck tarp bags and bast fiber pants – we’re gifting ourselves nothing less than a happier world. Do you have both an idea and a plan to increase the global level of happiness over the long term? Then we’ve got the perfect job for you – until December 25, 2018, you can apply to become our «Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness»!

Right now, we’re interviewing the most promising applicants. Subscribing to our F-News is the quickest way to find out how, when and who will soon be responsible for spreading happiness around the globe.


Before our Executive Vice Pleasident for Global Happiness starts making the world a little bit happier in 2019, our FREITAG Crew attempted to cheer up our F-riends and F-ans in the run up to Christmas.