Given the wonderful task of spreading happiness on planet earth - I thought a good starting point [as well as jumping around of course] might be to simply ask people: what makes you happy?

Yes my friends it sounds too obvious, right? Indeed, yet such simple requests can often lead to the deepest reflections and insight! We have had tears of happiness, of sadness, completely blank expressionless faces and many other surprises along the way - but we are all human after all and by probing the minds of those who cross our path and sharing this personal wisdom, we hope that it might have some profound effect for those gazing at the answers…

So here we go - proposed on the streets of England, Jordan, Germany, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, Poland, Morocco, Spain & Holland - WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?


Of course, we all know that the FREITAG lover is a slightly different breed of human, and given this opportunity of world wide wisibility via the WWW, I would also like to ask you my F-riends - what makes YOU happy? 

Yes you, in the blue shirt over there, and you on the rocking horse, and you ice skating - you’re all involved now...

You can drop your response either via Instagram direct message or by a good ol’ fashioned mail in this format:


I’ll be putting them all in one of those old FREITAG Magic Happy Making Algorithm Stat Hats and seeing what pops out.