FREITAG for Cyclists

We’ve been in favor of bikes ever since FREITAG was founded. Now, we’re honoring the most sensible means of transportation and all those who use it to pedal through Zurich with a temporary monument on our rusty FREITAG flagship tower. 

Inspired by the brave big cities that are driving forward radical change in the pecking order of urban traffic, we are doing our bit for cyclists in our hometown, Zurich. We’ll be shouting out a huge YES, SURE (in German "JA SICHER") in favor of safer bike routes on September 27! 

For everyone who doesn’t have to cycle in Zurich:

Zurich, the home of the original messenger bags, isn’t exactly bike-friendly – not unless you’re after an adrenaline kick or a near-death experience on your way to work. And even though bikes – the most eco-friendly and healthiest way to get around during the time of corona – are becoming increasingly popular, cyclists here in Zurich have been left behind motorists and public transport users: there just aren’t enough bike lanes, and the ones we do have are either too narrow or patchy. Not to mention that there are no routes designed and made exclusively for cyclists that take you directly through the city.*

On September 27, voters in the city of Zurich will have their say on an initiative promoting safer and more direct bike routes for our city. And FREITAG is fully behind this, of course. For the bike riders in our F-Crew and the future of our city, we, as a company, want to speak out for cyclists. We hope that more companies with powerful voices will also get behind this initiative, so Zurich can start to feel a bit more like Copenhagen or Amsterdam for cyclists pedaling through the city.


Thank you for sending in the note or getting up early on September 27th!

If you don't know everything about the initiative yet, you can find the necessary information here:


*We cannot confirm the rumor that this is why Markus Freitag no longer lives in the city. The fact that he still doesn’t have a driver’s license (or a chauffeur) probably won’t change any time soon, either.