FREITAG packs all its old passion and the new material together in two F-ABRIC bags. E001 KOTKIN and E002 WEISZ are the names: they’re virtually unique and, one day, they’ll disappear without trace.

Making a bag that carries a lot and leaves nothing behind calls for the very finest fibers and a lot of skilled craftsmanship:
E001 KOTKIN and E002 WEISZ are the first FREITAG fabric bags for lovers of all things organic and handcrafted, active and passive gardeners and urban sustainability freaks. Manufactured within a radius of 2,500 km using French flax, the F252 BANDIT recycled tarp bands make each bag as individual as any unique FREITAG item. And there's an added advantage too: these fabric bags disappear without a trace in any home compost.

There are plenty of textile bags around, and most of them are made of cotton. The E001 KOTKIN tote and the E002 WEISZ shopping bag are made of French flax, a simple fiber used in fine, robust weaves that is well served by the wet climate of Normandy and requires no chemicals of the kind that contaminate the soil in which it grows.

This won’t lead to FREITAG bags that all look the same. That's why you can now select a carrying strap made from a piece of recycled truck tarp with a carabiner. Known as the F252 BANDIT, it gives the textile bags a touch more individuality as well as an alternative way of carrying them.

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