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Denim jeans are back where the name came from: Europe. Denim from "de Nîmes" and jeans from "Gênes", French for Genoa. But enough of the etymology and back to F-acts that have been tested at the factory. Thanks to new F-ABRIC denim from FREITAG, we finally have rugged, five-pocket jeans without rivets or polyester thread made in Europe using European bast fibers true hemp and linen. Naturally 100% compostable.


  • Grown and produced in Europe, designed and tested at the FREITAG Factory
  • Made of robust Denim Twill, developed by FREITAG and manufactured from sustainably produced bast fibers (81 % linen and 19 % true hemp). A masterpiece found nowhere else in the world of fashion and textiles. The material for men's pants weighs a whole 19 oz. while the women's tips the scales at 17 oz.
  • Classic five-pocket cut
  • Customizable metal buttons that can be unscrewed and reused
  • Once the buttons have been removed, the DENIM is 100% biodegradable because the yarn, the herringbone lining and the logo label can all  be composted
  • The moisture- and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and antisynthetic fibers make them more comfortable to wear
  • The material corresponds to Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Rugged selvage and lap seams protect edges and heavy-wear areas
  • Available in Dark Blue and Black

Available: at FREITAG Stores, selected resellers and www.freitag.ch

Price: CHF 240.- / EUR 190.- / GBP 180.- / USD 245.-

The never-ending cycle of denim

Concept/Direction: FREITAG lab. ag
Camera/Edit: Yves Scagliola
Production: Feit Film
Music: L’Aupaire, Song: I Would Do It All Again
Sounddesign: German Wahnsinn