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Just because our female employees usually wear the pants at the FREITAG factory, it doesn’t mean that they always feel like putting on our WORKPANTS. So, we had to come up with a workdress that would be a faithful companion for our ladies no matter what life throws at them.

Our WORKDRESS E170 is a practical mix of midi skirt and bib overalls, inspired by classic workwear styles. Made from F-ABRIC Broken Twill, it is sustainably produced, extremely tough and 100 % naturally biodegradable after it has served its purpose. However, the WORKDRESS has several good years of hard work and at least 200 long nights of partying to look forward to before it lands on the compost pile. That’s how we work.


  • Grown and produced in Europe, designed and tested at the FREITAG Factory
  • Made of tough, FREITAG-developed broken twill from sustainably grown bast fibers
    (81 % linen and 19 % true hemp)
  • Customizable metal buttons can be unscrewed and reused
  • The WORKDRESS is 100 % biodegradable since the thread and logo label are also compostable and the buttons can be unscrewed
  • The moisture- and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-synthetic fibers make the WORKDRESS even more comfortable to wear
  • The material corresponds to the Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Robust selvage and lap seam protect edges and heavy-wear areas
  • Timeless mix of coverall, skirt and bib overalls, inspired by classic workwear styles, with belt loops and back pocket
  • Available in Industrial Green, Ocher and Dark Blue

Launch: October 31, 2014

Price: CHF 190.– / EUR 145.– / GBP 120.– / USD 195.–

Available at FREITAG Stores, from selected resellers and at www.freitag.ch