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These pants contain high-quality, natural European fibers, a whole pile of research and lots and lots of work. Anyone who tries on the E550 WORKPANT will quickly see, however, that all the effort was worth it. The pants combine the advantages of jeans and chinos with functional details, extreme comfort and a timeless design. F-ABRIC WORKPANTS are made of FREITAG’s unique Broken Twill, a weave of linen and true hemp that we developed especially for these pants. The WORKPANT is ready to wear, and its fit and patina adapt even more to your body each time you wear it.

The WORKPANT made of broken twill was developed by FREITAG during the past five years from the fiber up, put to the test by our F-Workers for several months. It was wrenched and ripped, worried, hassled, bullied, washed at extreme temperatures, put through the wringer and pretty much tortured by the entire FREITAG workforce. And now it’s one of our most well-loved colleagues. Welcome to the team, E550!


  • Grown and produced in Europe, designed and tested at the FREITAG Factory
  • Made of robust, FREITAG-developed broken twill from sustainably produced bast fibers
    (81 % linen and 19 % true hemp)
  • Customizable metal pant buttons can be unscrewed and reused
  • The WORKPANT is 100 % biodegradable after the buttons have been unscrewed since the thread and logo label are also compostable
  • The moisture- and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-synthetic fibers make the WORKPANT even more comfortable to wear
  • The material corresponds to the Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  • Robust selvage and lap seam protect edges and heavy-wear areas
  • Versatile chino cut with practical details such as telephone pocket, closable back pocket and coin holder
  • Available in Industrial Green, Ocher and Dark Blue

Launch: October 31, 2014

Price: CHF 240.– / EUR 190.– / GBP 180.– / USD 245.–

Available: at FREITAG Stores, from selected resellers and at www.freitag.ch