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Please mention the photo credit: Yves Bachmann

FREITAG F-ABRIC: Stay clean!

Unbleached textiles such as our F-ABRIC clothes, made in Europe from the plentiful bast fibers that grow there, are among the most sustainable and least toxic you can wear. But that doesn’t help much if you’re using countless gallons of water, energy, and bleach to wash them throughout their long lives.

To counteract that, we give you tips on the minimal washing and caring required for F-ABRIC. But for those who want to go the extra mile, we are happy to present our E903 APRON. Made with the same resource-sparing and non-toxic techniques, it means you can get away with not washing your clothes every now and then.

The pinafore-style apron has three pockets and an adjustable neck-loop, and is made of FREITAG Broken Twill (81% linen, 19% hemp). We initially developed it to offer stylish protection to FREITAG event teams and our friends in the professional gastronomy world. By popular demand, we are making the E903 APRON available through our Online Store and at selected FREITAG stores for all scatter-brained slow food cooks, ham-fisted waiters, fairtrade aficionados, and none-too-careful gardeners.

Colors: Industrial Green and Dark Blue
Price: CHF 140.- / EUR 120.- / GBP 110.- / USD 150.- (excl. TAX)