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The new Mono[PA6] Backpack from FREITAG is circular. From the fabric to the zippers and buckles, it’s made from a single material and can be easily recycled as a whole at the end of its life. By launching this innovative product, we’re closing a material loop and taking a significant step toward our vision of a circular economy.


Thinking and acting in cycles is integral to FREITAG’s DNA. Our vision is clear: we aim to design bags and accessories that aren’t simply made from used materials but are also circular. We’ve already achieved this by developing the compostable F-ABRIC clothing line and the circular CIRC-CASE smartphone protector. After three years of development, FREITAG is launching its latest innovation: the circular Mono[PA6] Backpack – a functional, durable, water-repellent everyday companion made from a single material and fully recyclable.

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The Mono[PA6] Backpack is a lightweight, versatile, everyday companion that meets the myriad different needs of everyday urban life. The musette – a small, detachable bag – forms the multifunctional two-in-one centerpiece: it can be worn as a practical crossbody bag or serves as an additional outer pocket when attached to the backpack.



We aimed to ensure that the Mono[PA6] Backpack can be recycled as a whole. For this reason, we made it from a single material: polyamide 6, PA6 for short, better known as nylon. But mono-materiality is more complex than it might sound: in all, we needed 17 components made of PA6, from sturdy zippers and a water-repellent primary material to carrying straps, cords and buckles.

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The Mono[PA6] Backpack has the high-quality features you expect from FREITAG: it’s robust, durable and water-repellent. The search for an existing water-repellent fabric made from a single material was unsuccessful because such textiles have traditionally required an additional coating or membrane made from other materials. However, in terms of mono-materiality, this was out of the question. Together with a partner, we therefore developed a new type of water-repellent fabric that is also a mono-material.

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«We have to take a holistic approach to the design of our products, keeping the end of their lives in mind and ensuring that everything circular actually goes back into the cycle.»
– Anna Blattert, Circular Technologist at FREITAG



We want your Mono[PA6] Backpack to be part of your life for as long as possible. That’s why we designed it to be easily repaired. And when it finally reaches the end of its life? At that point, we take it back to FREITAG and recycle it as a whole. Because only when a product actually returns to the cycle can you call it genuinely circular. Our repair and take-back services help to make it easier for you to be part of the cycle.

To ensure your Mono[PA6] Backpack accompanies you for as long as possible, it can be easily repaired.

At the end of its life, we take back the Mono[PA6] Backpack and recycle it as a whole. And that creates something new.



We firmly believe that the transition to a circular economy can only be achieved through a collaborative effort. That's why we teamed up with a Taiwanese partner in the textile industry to jointly develop the innovative water-repellent outer material of the Mono[PA6] Backpack. The backpack’s design was likewise a co-creative effort, and FREITAG worked closely with British designer Jeffrey Siu. His design references the bike culture to which FREITAG is so closely affiliated and reinterprets it.



The idea behind our circular backpack is simple: it consists of a single material and can, therefore, be recycled as a whole. So, after a long life, it doesn’t end up in the garbage but returns to the material cycle. However, the circularity principle can only work if you play your part. And that means using your Mono[PA6] Backpack as long as possible, looking after it and having it repaired, and then, when its time has come, bringing it back to FREITAG. From Zurich, the discarded backpacks go to a recycling partner, who shreds them as a whole and mechanically processes them into PA6 granulate that can then be used to produce new items, such as backpack components.

Seventeen components. One material.

Mono[PA6] Materials

All Mono[PA6] Backpack components are made of polyamide 6. However, restricting production to a single material is more complex than it might sound. A total of 17 components made of PA6 had to be found, each with their own specific requirements regarding texture and properties: from a water-repellent primary material and sturdy zippers through to the carrying straps, the sewing thread, and a comfortable back padding.

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