R523 HOFFMANN – The Good Business Bag


The bag named after Virginia Woolf with  its analog safety closure isn't one of many, but a whole lot in one: R123 WOOLF is  a backpack, sailors' bag and at the same time an up-to-the-minute purse. It's a blast from the past – after all, it's made from vintage truck tarps – but design-wise, it's way ahead of its time.


In January 1874 Alpine journalist W.A.B. Coolidge, known as the young American who climbed with his dog and his aunt, was the first person to attempt – and succeed in – summiting the Jungfrau in the winter.

Today, nerve-racking challenges are no longer awaiting us outdoors at high altitudes but rather downtown during the daily grind, and the daring heroes of today are no longer mountain climbers but rather urban creative workers:

There are no reliable satellite forecasts for their changing situations, and no water-bottle system can provide enough liquidity when bank accounts run dry once again. No thermal underwear can keep them warm during the cold rejections and heated turbulence encountered on the relationship front, and when urban survivalists on bikes are carried away by an avalanche of vehicles, a beeping tracking device won’t be much help. The only thing that today’s heroes need to survive in style is a faithful companion they can rely on – a tough, water- and dirt-repellant, load-swallowing backpack like R521 COOLIDGE.


Why not go against the flow even though the current makes conformity soooo easy? Today’s eyes-wide-open dreamers know that Mr. Right and perfection don’t exist – yet they continue to search relentlessly for them. Everyday insanity is their everyday reality, and R120 AUSTEN is the everyday bag for women who make every day extraordinary. The reincarnation of a tough truck tarp, this delicate piece of haute maroquinerie is the perfect companion for stylishly breaking through all those stuffy barriers.

F-ABRIC – The new Material

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