THE PICKING tells the delectable story of a choosy 5-star chef who doesn’t cook using water, but with the finest truck tarps.


In the fifth round of our TARP BLANCHE film series, Paris-based animators Burcu and Geoffrey serve up a well-seasoned fairytale. THE PICKING tells the story of a choosy 5-star chef who doesn’t cook using water, but with the finest tarps. This colorful allegory for haute cuisine could be described as the truckatouille of the series – it’s simply delectable!


Five animation artists illustrate the FREITAG bag production process as they see it. TARP BLANCHE is a series of five short films, created with 100% artistic freedom, 100% entertainment value and around 53.258% truth.

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The Artists

Burcu and Geoffrey are a Paris-based directing duo. While Burcu Sanku is passionate about illustration and design, Geoffrey Godet is the 3D animation pro of the team. They’re not only partners in crime when it comes to creating detailed animations with a graphical look, but also in life.

Why did you two become animators?

Geoffrey: Big question. I remember when I was six, I wanted to do animation because I always drew. So it seemed obvious to me. I really like the fact that you can create a whole new world from scratch.

Burcu: It was the same for me: I always drew as well, so it was natural for me to do some visual art studies. It fascinated me that images can come to life with animation. I also wanted to make films, so…

«When we heard about it we were very excited. A carte blanche almost never happens.»

What’s the best part about being an animator?

Burcu: Simply doing what we love to do.

Geoffrey: It’s amazing to be able to work on your passion. We like to work on different projects. Each one usually takes up two or three months. After a project is finished, we take a break until a new one comes along. We love the different challenges; they’re very refreshing.

How did you approach the TARP BLANCHE project?

Geoffrey: When we heard about it we were very excited. A carte blanche almost never happens. Having so much freedom to create was really an incredible opportunity. We pretty quickly came up with the idea of a recipe movie. The way the FREITAG bags are made out of different parts reminded us of a chef cooking a meal. We started with the idea of the trucks and the tarps being the key ingredients of the recipe. Then we thought about who could be the chef and that’s where the idea of the giant as a main character came from.

«We wanted to see how it bent and twisted in real life.»

What was the next step?

Burcu: Once we had the main idea, we did another brainstorming session outside. We came back and started framing ideas, composing them and drawing the characters. Then we created the storyboard and jumped quickly in to animating, so we could see how the story felt in movement.

And then you decided to create the main character out of paper...

Burcu: Building the character out of paper was unique to this project. We thought it would be interesting to try it out, just to see how it moved.

Geoffrey: To play with it in real life and find poses.

Burcu: Especially for the legs and arms.

Geoffrey: We wanted to see how it bent and twisted.

Burcu: And actually, it was just fun to create him and make him exist in reality.