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R123 WOOLF Filters

Backpack S

Backpack S , $350.00
  • Expandable simply and intuitively
  • Inside pocket for improved internal organization
  • A5-size rapid-access compartment in back section
  • PET-padded, detachable shoulder strap

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R123 WOOLF is a bag that's always an eye-catcher, never lets you down and will see owners right wherever they happen to be in town.


220 × 400 × 140 mm (l × w × h)
8.7 × 15.7 × 5.5 inch (l × w × h)
9 - 11 liters


Trucks are tough. That’s why your FREITAG product is tough. It used to be one. Be nice to yours and it will be like a true Swiss friend: modest, reliable and always there when you need it.


used truck tarpaulins
PET lining