We’re all about cycles at FREITAG – both the sustainability kind and the two-wheeled kind. For the F-Crew, that means changing gear and biking to work, and for you, it means being able to rent a bicycle backpack for free. Wanna ride with us?

“We think and act in cycles. And on cycles.” But anyone can say that. So, instead of just talking the talk, we’re going to walk the walk – or bike to work, to be exact. The F-Crew has got it into its head to complete as many journeys to and from work on two wheels as possible. To add an element of competition, the Swiss contingent is doing it as part of the bike to work challenge

And to make the cycle commute less of an obstacle course for our hometown, at least, we’re calling for safe cycle routes in Zurich.


Rent a bikeable F155 CLAPTON: whether you’re an absolute biking beginner or a seasoned cycle commuter who could really use a weather-resistant and visibility-enhancing backpack, we’re happy to kit you out. Our distinctive F155 CLAPTON backpack, with its reflective strips and docking options for your cycle helmet and U-lock, is the ideal bike buddy.

Until the end of October 2020, you can rent an F155 CLAPTON in these F-Stores and simply pedal off with it. There’s absolutely no cost to you, but we’d love it if you could take a few souvenir photos of your bike rides together and post them on Instagram using the #ridewithfreitag hashtag. Oh, and please bring the bag back after two weeks, so that we can complete the cycle!


Here are some more ideas for how to capture your bag n’ bike combo without getting off balance: