F705 SECRID × FREITAG is the practical Cardprotector wallet that gives you maximum individuality at minimum card-iological risk.

Have you heard about the magic wallets? The ones where your cards pop out the top with a flick of a switch, just like a card trick? They were invented by Secrid, a family company based in the Netherlands. Our shared love of good, functional design recently led us to complete a project together – creating F-antastic unique products from Cardprotectors that weren’t up to scratch.*

* Don't worry, quality control confirms that the Cardprotectors work perfectly, but due to their tiny visual imperfections, they were deemed too unique and cut out of the strict production line.

We don’t like to boast, but it was true craftsmanship. As a holistic designer at FREITAG, I jumped between obsessing over the millimeters, intensive ping-pong sessions with our product developers and working on the new upcycled Cardprotector, which is a seamlessly good fit with our tarps. 

Testing was especially important during the developmental stages. So important, in fact, that we put each new version to the test immediately. How does the wallet stand up to everyday life, at the checkout, at the bar? Is the banknote pocket the right shape? Can I fit all my cards in it? And can I put my gym card in just the right place, so I don’t have to open my wallet and can simply wave the whole thing over the card reader?


About thirty prototypes later, the final product is here: the F705 SECRID × FREITAG wallet.

Secrid's compact Cardprotector keeps up to six cards RFID-safe and ready to go at the flick of a switch. We added an asphalt laser design to the Cardprotectors that shows sections of roads between The Hague and Zurich, giving them even more of a unique twist. 

The robust FREITAG case makes every piece a one-off and gives you all the space you could ever wish for, including a money flap for those old-school banknotes and a pocket to hide away savings for a rainy day... or just to store even more cards.