We are now exporting not only unique truck-tarp products but also the entire, enormous Swiss transit symbol – the Gotthard (the tunnel, not the band).

We have installed a Swiss Gotthard-tunnel-like stereo-entrance-exit transit system in our new FREITAG Store Tokyo Shibuya. Just like the hole in the Gotthard Massif that breaks through otherwise almost insurmountable cantonal borders and unites people, our new F-lagship in Tokyo also enables a mentality-unifying method of transit. An inclined tarp connoisseur can enter the store from hip Cat Street, for example, and then leave with one or two F-Products via Meiji Street. Or vice versa. Or visitors can leave the same way they came in – endless combinations, just like our bags and successories have been offering since time immemorial.

And it is more than likely that one of the 1460 R.I.P.s (Recycled Individual Products) has also rolled through the Gotthard at some time or another. So, hie yourself off to the store immediately.

We look forward to seeing you & mata ne! (We’re almost certain this means “catch you later” among friends.)

Tokyo Shibuya - Shubiduu

At the grand opening, we partied hard, a traditional K-Truck tarp was painted, sprayed, colored and then cold-bloodedly chopped into small, never-seen-before F-Gimmicks, and gallons of sake were consumed. From that point on, our memory grows hazy, but luckily, there are photos!