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Spare Parts


We provide you with parts such as screws, straps, rubber parts and studs that you can replace yourself or through a shoe repairer of your choice.

The quickest way to receive the part is by simply referring to a verified Care Point. Otherwise, we are happy to send it to your home free of charge.

You can find out which model the part in question fits and how to exchange it on the relevant spare parts page.


This is where you can find plastic parts, such as folding, snap and adjustable straps.

This is where you can find metal spare parts – from carabiners, studs and F-ABRIC trouser studs to Lost & Found tags.

This is where you can find replacement rings and bookmarks for F26/F27.

This is where you can find studs for F-ABRIC along with spare straps for your Masikura and Neccessaire mirrors.

This icon in the guide means that you will require an industrial sewing machine in order to replace the part successfully. If you do not have time at home and you don’t know a shoemaker, you can give us your bag for a mini or full all-round service.