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BDG #12, No.30 Lane 319 Jiaozhou Road
Jing'an Qu
Shanghai Shi, 200040

+86 21-62736116

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From the bricks to the facade and roof terrace, the Shanghai F-Store embodies the FREITAG principle "We think and act in cycles". Throughout the entire conversion of the new Shanghai FREITAG Store, the focus was on minimizing CO2 emissions. Thanks to the adoption of various measures, they were reduced by around 144 t CO2-eq (approx. 45%). This figure includes the production, construction, dismantling and disposal phases, and corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed jointly by 11,500 beech trees in a year.


Demolition of the old walls was carried out very carefully so as to facilitate the reuse of as many intact bricks as possible in the repair of existing walls or the construction of new ones.


Rubble resulting from the demolition of ceilings and walls was collected to make so-called "rebirth bricks" on site that could be used for the new floors.

FREITAG Store Shanghai Process Recycled Bricks
FREITAG Store Shanghai Process
FREITAG Store Shanghai Bricks Making Of
FREITAG Store Shanghai Rebirth Bricks final

The hoarding fence panels that had enveloped the entire building during reconstruction work and protected passers-by and the neighborhood from debris and dust were cut and repurposed on site to create permanent elements in the facade.


From the roof of the store you can access the roof terrace, which is open to the public. The organically managed garden contains local and seasonal plants, helps to insulate the building, and promotes biodiversity. The rooftop encourages the growth of local flowers and plants and fosters a sense of community in the neighborhood.

FREITAG Store Shanghai Process
FREITAG Store Shanghai Fassade final
FREITAG Store Shanghai Community Garden Process
FREITAG Store Shanghai Community Garden

The first floor of the store is given over to a large repair station. Here, bags from all over China are reconditioned, ensuring that FREITAG products have an even longer service life and reflect the spirit of the circular economy.


The second and third floors house the entire FREITAG range: with about 900 different bags and 750 accessories.

FREITAG Store Shanghai Repair Station
FREITAG Store Shanghai F-Cut
FREITAG Store Shanghai 1st Floor
FREITAG Store Shanghai 2nd Floor