The FREITAG bag was invented in 1993 by students, for students. Not everything was better back in the old days, but prices were certainly lower. That’s why we’re now offering three backpacks once again at those old prices – but just for students. And apprentices. And school pupils. 

The bags that first took shape in Marcus Freitag’s shared apartment were initially carried by students, roommates and other deep thinkers. And because we feel that deep thinkers are a worthy cause, students can now get their hands on an F49 FRINGE, F201 PETE, or an F511 SKIPPER with a price tag straight out of 1993.

These old school prices are valid from September 1, 2019 to October 31, 2019 for all students, apprentices and school pupils. All you need to do is provide proof of your studies.

The Offline-Deal

If you want to see the bags in the flesh first, you’re welcome to swing by. These F-Stores and F-Dealers will give you a discount on the three backpacks if you show your student ID. 

The Online-Deal

If you’d rather stock up from our online supply, you can validate yourself virtually. Enter your personal, official student email address here to check if you or your institution are already registered. 

Then click on “Register” and log in with the same email address. You’ll be able to see the three backpacks at the student price in your currency in the online store.

The No-Budget Deal ...?

Already blown your monthly budget? Send us a disruptive snapshot here and maybe you can convince us to just give you one of our one-offs.