Facts & Figures

Headquarters: FREITAG lab. ag / Gewerbehaus Nœrd, Zürich-Oerlikon
Year founded: 1993
Proprietors: Markus and Daniel Freitag
Number of staff: around 250
Production: around 700,000 bags and accessories per year

Number of stores: 28 FREITAG Stores – six in Switzerland, six in Germany, four in Japan, three in South Korea, two in Thailand, two in the Netherlands and one each in Vienna, Milan, Shanghai, Taipei and Melbourne.
300 retail partners in 25 countries and one Online Store based in Zurich-Oerlikon.

Materials used: 800 tons of truck tarpaulins, 150,000 car seatbelts and  11,000 bicycle inner tubes per year

Products: around 50 bags, around 40 accessories and FREITAG F-ABRIC workwear