Ordering & Payment

We’re delighted that you’re thinking about buying one of our products and are now checking out our ordering and payment processes to clear up any queries you may have.

Here you’ll find answers to all our most frequently asked questions at a glance.

1. Are you looking for a certain color or a really specific design?

Tricky, tricky – but not impossible.
Ideally, you should treat your search for a particular color or special design like the search for your missing house keys, credit card or your kids’ favorite  toy, which he had in his hand just a moment ago and won’t  leave the house without, despite you having that urgent appointment.. When you start looking for something like crazy, you never find it. It’s better to stay cool, stop thinking about it, broaden your horizons and suddenly you’ll see it sitting there – your missing keys, misplaced card or long-lost bunny rabbit Snuggles, or something  even better that you weren’t even looking for.

Our stock of unique tarp specimens is not organized by color or design, but rather by model “only”. This means that we don’t know what we have where in storage; we only know that we still have X number of model X available. The bags are made in the Production department based on the availability of used truck tarps it receives and then sent to the corresponding distribution channels. The F-Store, Online Store or F-Dealer has only a minimal influence on the color mix that is put together for them. In other words, we don’t know which colors or designs we will receive in the next shipment and can “only” offer you what you see in the Online Store. 
However, we regularly post new products online (see point 4), so I’ll cross my fingers for you and hope that by checking in regularly, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

2. Do you receive exactly the same unique product that you ordered?

Yes! Every product sold online is a one-off item that has been photographed with great attention to detail by our all-round photography expert and gospel singer Mr Clever, in our own man-sized photo booth. So you don’t place an order based on a sample photo, but rather, you actually receive the actual unique product that you saw online. As soon as a product has been ordered, it’s image disappears from our online store. Depending on your screen settings, some colors may appear slightly different. If you want to be doubly sure, please contact us and tell us the product’s F-ID number (for example F152_01234) and we’ll take a look at your selected product in person and let you know about any deviations.

3. When do new products come online?

New unique products are not uploaded according to a particular schedule. Our warehouse and online restocking specialist Mr Gashi always works according to his gut feeling, the reproduction of individual models, as well as color and design availability – and he’s been doing it since the pre-Facebook era. So it’s always worth checking in regularly and if you have a really urgent request, you can contact him directly (but be aware, he’s not really a people person, he prefers forklifts and SAP systems and can sometimes be a bit grumpy if he’s under the pump – you have been warned).

Order any which way you want

Everything you see online can now be ordered to an offline store so that you can touch, carry and sniff it to your heart’s content before you buy. And vice versa: if you can’t find the right F-riend offline, you can search for it online and order it right there in the store, to be delivered to wherever you want it. Nothing is impossible and everything is free, besides home delivery. You’ll see the various options as soon as you take your virtual shopping basket to the checkout.

Visit the Online Store
Visit the Offline Store


4. Would you like to reserve a unique bag for several days/hours

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Seeing as we sell one-of-a-kind products, reserved items would have to be removed from our range and if our online store received too many reservations at once it would suddenly appear empty, even though we hadn’t actually sold anything. 

5. A product has disappeared from your shopping basket?

There are two or, at most, three reasons for this:

A) Someone else simply snatched  the particular product that was in your basket from under your eyes. Every product is a unique item and cannot be reserved by adding it to your shopping basket (see point 5). Everything in your basket can still be viewed and purchased by other shoppers.

B) You held off for too long and our system’s hourly “cleaning routine” emptied your basket. Your best bet is to simply check whether that product is still displayed online and add it to your shopping basket again. (If you can no longer find the product – see A)

C) Anonymous is onto you and you should leave the country as soon as possible. You can get help here: 044 215 20 20

6. It’s a present and you would like us to wrap it for you?

Nope, sorry, we don’t do gift wrapping. Freitag values inner beauty and, if we’re honest, we’re really terrible at wrapping presents. We have no idea how the people at Lush manage to make their presents look so good.

7. You didn’t receive an order confirmation?

Sometimes our order confirmations end up in an overzealous junk/spam folder. Take a quick look and if it’s not there, please contact us so we can send the email again.


8. What kind of payment options do we offer?

Our online store currently offers the following payment options:
SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG, PostCard, PayPal or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, JCB and American Express).

9. What? Can’t you just send me an invoice?

Exactly, we don’t let you buy now and pay later. Essentially we’re very similar to  drug dealers – we want to see the cash first before we hand anything over. Our financial shark Peter is extremely strict about this: “Payment on receipt of invoice? That’s for wimps! What next? They’ll probably want us to deliver the goods for free too.”

10. Do we sell vouchers online?

Yes. The FREITAG WOWCHER is redeemable in the Online Shop and in all FREITAG Stores, offering free choice across 25,000 unique bags and F-ABRIC pieces – the perfect gift! 

If you’re still not sure, let us leave you with the following quote: “Don’t think so often about what you have, but about what you’re lacking”.