Our products are made from durable recycled truck tarps, so, like Keith Richards, they can take just about anything. Yet nothing is entirely safe from the signs of wear and tear. Just like the unsinkable Titanic, your sturdy F-product may too encounter an iceberg one day. This is when our bag recovery team jumps into action: they’ll give their special brand of tender loving care to just about any unique tarp product that’s been injured in the line of duty or gotten weak in its old age.


  • We’ll replace sewn-on buckles, rings, screws and buttons

  • We’ll repair burst seams

  • We’ll replace Velcro fasteners and zips, bicycle inner tubes, straps and labels

  • We’ll mend worn-out corners

  • We’ll restore rips, worn-out patches and holes in the truck tarp and make sure the color matches

*PLEASE NOTE: Every tarp is a unique product, so we have to assess each one as it comes to us. The list above is only a guide: our tarp surgeons can patch up virtually anything and will do everything in their power to extend your unique product’s life.


We’ll take care of repairs free of charge in the first two years (or the first three if you’ve registered your product). You just need to dig out the receipt or show us your product registration as proof.

If your F-product has a few more years under its belt, if you no longer have the receipt or if you forgot to register it, you’ll have to pay for the repair service (the fee depends on your country’s currency and is charged based on how much time/effort is required to perform the repairs as well as the age of the bag).

Country prices for repairs (for products not under warranty)

  • CH/LIE: CH/LIE: CHF 20-90
  • UK: GBP 16-75  
  • EU: EUR 18-85
  • USA: USD 22-98
  • RoW: CHF 20-90 (excl. VAT)

Order replacement parts to your door or pick them up free of charge from a Care Point and patch up your bag yourself, just like MacGyver would.

Order or pick up replacement parts

Bring your unique product to one of our Care Points and we’ll arrange for it to be fixed right up.

Local Care Points

Simply fill out the form and our experts will be in touch with the best solution for the situation. Everything is going to be fine!

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